A Survey on the Amount of Attention Given to the Indexes of Traffic-Training by the Curriculum of the Primary Education

Mohammad Nik?khah , Fatemeh Ahmadi , Hasan karamalian , Taghi Aghahoseini

primary training, traffic learning, curricula, curricular content, objectives of the curricula, traffic culture

Comparison of the Effects of Sensation Seeking and Control Drivers on Drivers? Outlaws and the Law (The Case Study of District 2, Tehran)

Vahdat Farzi , Nezam Hashemi , Seyyed Saeid Kashfi

Sensation-seeking, law-breaking, law-abiding, experience-seeking, annoyance-accepting, inhibition-avoiding

Providing Solutions to Control the Undesirable Effects of Rural Transportation on the Environment

Mohsen Aghayari Hir[1], Nahid Rahimzadeh[2]

Sustainable rural transportation, the environment, assessing effects, villages

Presentational Method for Location Allocation of Fuel Stations with the Aim of Improving the Traffic (The Case Study of Region 1 of Tehran)

Morteza Asadamraji , Shahab Hassanpour

fuel stations, locating, demographic centers indices, the number of people residing in each area, centers attracting travel in each area, the number of people employed in each area, the number of existing stations, the number of pumps in each station, length of each gas pump

None-Emission Urban Logistics: Electric Vehicles in Freight Distribution Chains and Urban Traffic

Seyyed Teymor Hoseini , Farhad Mohammad Mogimi Ahoee

Electric cars, batteries, incentives, green transport, urban logistics, cargo

Presentation a Model for Analyzing Motorcycle-Involved Accidents with the Goal of Reducing Accidents (Case Study of Qom City)

Reza Zandi , AsgharAghaee , Mohsen HajiMaghsoud

motorcycle safety, causes of accident, urban passageways, Ghom motorcycle accidents

Evaluating the Effects of Roadside Activities on Traffic Congestion (The Case Study of Districts 13, 14 and 15 in Tehran)

Ali Parvaneh , Alireza Esmaeili , Hasan Abedi

Tehran: disrupting jobs, traffic, Traffic police

This Scientific-Specialized Quarterly of Traffic Police Faculty Vol. 11 ? No .41 ? Summer 2016